Illustration Friday: Run

Not much to say 'bout this one, except that my husband will now have nightmares after seeing this.. der... I thought it was cute and creepy... Not a final product, just a sketch. I like the upper half of mr. green creepy guy, but the lower half needs a little bit more tweakage. Funny bunny doesn't have any paws... I think he kind of skootches across the floor to get around.. no wonder the creepy dude's running.. he's creeped out.. (sorry, it's late, and I'm tired, and I really need to not be talking... :)


Our Home

Kind of a brag spread! Friends and Family have been asking for photos of our home. We've done a lot to this place since we've moved in, from painting every room on the main floor, and landscaping the back yard!

Instead of having a formal living room, we put in a theatre. The seats were bought off of ebay from a real theatre, I think from Maine.

The kitchen has gone through a major transformation! We sanded and painted the oak cabinets white and create a glass panel effect on a few of the doors! New slate tile floors and corian countertop. We added the moulding after we painted the walls.

The "Pub" area is the eat-in kitchen section. J.D. found these booth seats from a restaurant in D.C. They were a little dingy, tore off the fabric and foam, customized them a bit to fit in the space, and I refoamed and reappolstered them. The table was a $20 find from an estate sale! love that! He stripped it, sanded and applied a rich dark stain, that turned out really well! One corner that leads to the garage has been painted with chalkboard paint. I think that has to be the most interactive corner of our home! (And lots of fun at party's!)

In the dining room, I was trying to go for an outdoor seating area somewhere in France. It's still trying to get there! Maybe this fall/winter I'll be motivated to finish it up.

It's nice when our plans come together and look good for two people that don't have a clue about what they're doing! A lot of the things we do have very minimal planning. Which leads to a lot of trying and being displeased and trying again. We're pretty pleased and excited about our latest installment, the Great Wall! It keeps the upper yard looking level and finished off, and we have a decent pathway from the deck to the side. It was J.D.'s last minute thinking to add the firepit to the end. Seriously cannot wait for cooler weather to roast some marshmallows now.

The pool is awesome! J.D. works so hard to keep it looking as refreshing as it does! We're lucky to have neighbors with pools, who have been more than helpful, in understanding how to keep it maintained. Of course there have been days where we would love to just fill it in with dirt, but when it gets hot, or when we just want to relax and do nothing one weekend, it nice to just for a dip in the pool!

So that's all! This fall/winter, we'll hopefully get the upper floor done, so we can have more pics to show!



Bai Ngoai

My grandmother was in town in June, and was so happy when my Dad brought her over to see our home! We don't see each other but once a year, so it's nice when we can spend some quality time with each other! She's a ball of energy for her age! She thinks she's still 20 years old! (both my grandmother's are like that!) And loves to go to the casino's! Love them both!

Great Falls; Virginia Side

August 19, Saturday (last week) J.D. and I thought it'd be fun to take a break from being cooped up in our house all the time. I had never gone to Great Falls, and it was close by, so we packed up our camera and a few snacks and we were on our way! yay! I wanted to try and document the day, so I took photos of everything, even silly things like the highway signs we exited onto. Of course I missed the most important one, so I didn't post that part!!! der. We had a lot of! We ended up veering off the path and made our own path through all the rocks! We haven't hiked in awhile and the mid-day sun was out, so by the end of our hike I felt like poop. But I'd do it again, just with more water next time! So tempted to jump into the water and let the current take us away! If you've never been, it's a nice place to go! Lots of picnic and bbq areas.


Crayola Magic Clay Sculptures

Just wanted to share some spur of the moment, I had a second to spare at work to put together a few office friends. My boss brought in a huge HUGE box of these magic clay packages, and I felt like a kid at a candy store... so awesome!!! They're just kinda hangin out in my cube hole. gotta make friends some how... :P

Illustration Friday: Match

aargh... I know I'm not going to have time to do anything detailed, so I'm offering a mere sketch of what I wanted to submit... sowwy...

Even though they had a few differences, they were quite a match for each other. aawww... yay for love!

My other ideas were to have a guy farting on a match which caught his friend on fire... oops.. the other was of a matching dc tourist couple (since I see them all the time... with matching t-shirts... so cute & funny!)


Illustration Friday: Play

It's been awhile since I've played with watercolors. This didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted it too, but I can't expect much when I've only begun experimenting. The subject matter was probably influenced by Mark Ryden mixed with a little bit of Japanese animation. I've been on an animation kick lately, which is sparking all kinds of ideas, and motivations. You can view the original sketch on my sketchbook blog.


Our Backyard!

It's amazing when something I plant actually blooms, and continues to live. I think I love the idea of planting things, and anticipating them growing, being beautiful and providing plenty. The thought of actually caring for them seems to slip my mind when I have other projects or things going on in my life, and so some of the plants I've grown have a short life span!

J.D. and I take pride in the home that we are so lucky to have. A lot of thought goes into the landscape, and I won't even go into the interior yet! We moved in a little over a year ago, so any accomplishment we make is a happy moment!

So here are a few happy moments!

Purdy Dahlias

We watched a hornet (that thing is huge) wrestle a dead cicada. I wonder if it was trying to fly away with it. It eventually gave up and flew off. (and later tried to carry my husband off to its nest!)

And our Pool!

More of a funny/wierd moment than a happy one. In early spring our dryer decided to call it quits, so we were going to put it out with the trash. But before that could happen, J.D. wanted to see the inner workings of a dryer, and tore it apart. When he got to the dryer drum, he thought it'd be cool to use that as a fire pit, and kept it. So the fins came off and hundreds of different sized balls fell out and rolled like marbles every which way across the garage floor. It was the most bizarre thing.

All these years of tumbling clothes, when we could have been in the business of manufacturing lint balls...


Illustration Friday: Capture

Hooray! I'm always excited when I get an illo in before thursday! You may want to click on the image to make it bigger too see all the details... 'specially to see what the baker's up too!
This weeks inspiration came from the ever growing popularity of cute cuddly plushie animal-ie food products I'm seeing everywhere. I don't own one yet, but I can't wait to get my hands on one! mmmm... Yum-Yum Bun!!! btw. My husband thinks I'm nuts, because I can't stop saying that. It's catchie :)


Illustration Friday is a Friend Finder

I used to go to high school with a very talented artist, in fact sat next to her on the bus to and from school for awhile, hung out at lunch sometimes... and as time passed we grew apart. We maybe saw each other once or twice at GMU, passing to get to different classes. I always remembered how in demand she was with classmates to have their caricature done by her.
Well, after all these years, who'd a thunk-it, that IF would bring two long lost friends back together!!! I'm really happy that we're back in touch! Joy!

See some of Michelle Lana's stuff on her blog!

*Silly Monkee Sketch Blog*

Yay! I've been meaning to get this started forever, and I finally had the time to scan, and upload all the pages from my MoleSkine sketchbook. This book now goes everywhere I go. I'm getting braver and am actually opening it up in public to make a few sketches! I'm still a little shy about drawing in public. *grin* I hope you get a chance to look at it, and that you can draw some inspiration or motivation from it!

Check it out! SillyMonkee Sketchblog


Illustration Friday: Clean

Washed out? Cleaned Out?
I felt a little morbid at the time. I also was feeling a little overwhelmed with thoughts in my head, and probably thought about what would happen if I powerwashed my head... probably exactly what happened to this poor guy! berr--aaaaaaiiinnnzzzz...

I first sketched it out in my sketchbook, then copied it onto velum paper, which is great to color, and my scans are cleaner.