DC Art Org Show: FLUX: TONIGHT!!!

A one night art show happening in good 'ol VA, in the town of Clarendon. The show is taking place within an old body shop, with tons of DC area artists showcasing their work with the accompaniment of live performances.

I have a previous engagement, so won't be able to make it (believe me, I'm crying inside.)

It's a little last minute, but if you're in the DC metro area and want something fun to do, go to this show!

FLUX show info

Pan's Labyrinth

WOW! An incredibly fascinating story, that is a must-see. A friend and I went to see it yesterday afternoon, and I just fell in love with the story. It really blends the lines between fantasy and reality for this little girl, Ivana Baquero, who is a wonderful young actress. The imagination, creativity and amount of detail that went into the production of this film is magic in and of itself. The film is in spanish, but is subtitled.

Pan's Labyrinth site


IF: Super Hero

I don't have a particular super hero in tightie whities that I'm drawn too. Isabelle's super heroes are the everyday people and animals that are in her life. They've always been there to catch her when she fell. She's about to now; see her legs are kind of in a 'I need to go pee-pee stance!'
Needs a bit of work, but I really do like the overall idea. Thanks for lookin!


Home Project

We've repainted our upstairs guest bathroom all white, and it looks sooooo much better than it used too. There was a country blue floral border along the top, and the wall color was an off-white, brown, cream grossness. I wanted to puke every time I passed it. Well, since we were expecting guests to stay with us for awhile, we decided that now was the time to give it a bit of a face-lift. We took out the shiny brass sliding doors to the bathtub that had crackly glass and a delightful stenciling of flowers. blech.. Than we took out the 80's studio vanity lights, and the country bumpkin vanity mirror off the wall, and replaced it with what you see now. And we couldn't feel more refreshed with it.

In all the excitement, I painted a simple painting to put above the toilet. I'm still working on the small shelf that will be put below the painting to hold some small baskets of stuff.
Thought I'd share, since J.D. worked so hard to put it all together!


IF: 80's

Nana, who was in her 80's, didn't live in an area where a lot of people lived. Alfred, having the memory he has, baked a lovely cake for Nana for her Birthday.


IF: Buzz

Phew! I made it. I had this sketched out in my book all week, but only had time tonight to carry it out. I thought I'd try something different. Wanted to use colored paper and play with the negative space... obviously need a little more work.
I took a stencil tool and pushed the outline through velum onto the cardstock. Took a blue and green colored pencil to highlight the lines and shade the areas. After scanning it in, I did a little digital cleanup.

And for those of you who must know... if this were me, I would have pushed the clock over onto the floor by now!!! (I'm soooo not a morning person) :)

Nando: Clocky


anticipation is killin me...

well, first, my thoughtful parents got me a wacom intuos tablet for xmas this year.. unfortunately they had to return it to exchange it for a smaller one. So I've been waiting oh so patiently for that to arrive, so I can start playing around with it!!! Come on Mister Postman!!!

Secondly, I went out to Plaza Artist, and bought a new moleskine sketchbook. I've almost completed my first moleskine, (a large graph lined notebook), which has been a wonderful starter. It's also the first sketchbook I'll ever be completing, front to back, so this is a very exciting accomplishment for me! (it doesn't take much!)
This time I got the large sketchbook moleskine with plain thicker pages, so ink (hopefully) won't bleed thru. I'm dying to take it out of it's plastic sheeting, and open it.. feel the pages, take out all of my pens, pencil and markers and start experimenting with what works on its surface and what doesn't. oooh.. I'm sooo anxious to open it..

By the way.. I've updated my sketch dump blog if you were interested!



IF: Phoenix

there's always one in the bunch that wants to live on, so it found the Fountain 'O' Youth!