IF: Communication

This is the original sketch I wanted to use for this week's IF theme, Communication. The sketch just kind of 'screamed' out! :D

This is my first real attempt at digital painting. The tablet makes it so much easier to do this. I first established where my lighting was going to be coming from and drew an arrow to remind me. I also started roughing in tonal values of her face. This is my first time doing a step-by-step, and it's kinda of a sad one.. I'm a little further in the detailing in this example btw.
I placed a colored background in the back to help me see the outline of her face, mouth and teeth. I worked on her facial structure and attempted to highlight and shadow. It's pretty sad, I know. I also added her hair, but didn't focus on the details, since I'm beginning, I figured her face would be a good start.
I kind of cheated with adding color. I painted a flat brown tone over the entire facial area, and under the layer blend mode options, I chose 'color' which gave me the depth and color I was looking for. I took the eraser and cleaned up my edges some. Using a darker and lighter tone of brown, I shaded and highlighted some of the areas.

I have a ways to go, but had a lot of fun doing this! Must.. do.. mooore... :)
oy... why does she have an adams apple.. blargh..


New Header! Yay!

Was futzin around with some site designs this evening, and thought I'd create a header image for my blog. Hope ya like!

(I'm stuck, as far as trying to center the image though.. argh... If you feel like sharing any pointers, I would really appreciate it!)


I've fallen for this little guy, his friends and his adventures.
Amazing how far and how successfully ZINKIA Entertainment, S.L., have come with the making of this animated show. It has hit many international markets already. I hope they start showing the show in U.S. soon!

You must check out their site and blog:
Zinkia Entertainment, S.L.,
Official Pocoyo Site
Pocoyo Blog



once the burden had been lifted, she felt as light as a feather and ran passionately without a care, spreading her new found joy!

jus' workin on my 'mad' illo skills.. gawwsh..

'more to come!!!


Happy 30th Birthday To Meeeeeeee!

Wow... I'm 30... I don't feel... 30... I hope I don't think I have to feel 30 from this point on.. although I have been noticing a few extra wrinkles around my face I could do without.. hhhmm..
I guess since I'm 30 know I can pass on some wise old wisdom to them yung'uns out there.. Age is just a number. Mind the simple pleasures. Life is about living out your passions.

As my wise aunt says.. "Live Passionately."

Happy Valentine's Day too! ♥


New sketch spreads from M2

Took some time this weekend to scan in some pages from my second moleskine, (if yer intuh-rested!)

So go grab some hot cocoa and sit yer butt down for some more fun sketchie randomness! That's one thing I've noticed with my sketch books is the amount of randomness there are in them. It's with me 24/7 and open so if a thought occurs I can quickly scribble it out!
I have to apologize for all the writing in them too.. I'm in planning and brainstorming mode, so you'll see a lot of notes-to-self.

The Doodle Monkey Dump


IF: Sprout

A second rendition has been done, per the critique of Bearuh on the ThreeThumbsUpGallery Blog. "Thats really great! I like tablet Pcs too! I recommend using your space more.. And maybe have the faces bigger for more of a focus point. AWESOME!"
Thanks Bearuh!
Their feelings for each other sprouted out and was placed not only into each others hearts, but into everything they've ever loved in life.

*playin around with the new tablet.. i luuuuuv eeet! It really makes things so much easier for me, and can't see how I went so looong without having one.. well.. this size! :)

Here's the original sketch!



My parents came by today, bearing gifts '0' plenty! They gave J.D. his belated birthday gift, a beautiful pool cue rack and cocktail stirrers, and for me, something I've been hopping from foot to foot for since christmas (since they had to send in what they originally got for an exchange.) *eeeeee* I'm soooo excited!!! I finally have, and hooked up already, the WACOM 6x8 Intuos3 Pen Tablet... *sigh! I am in love with this thing! (I'm such a nerd!!!)
So as promised, I sent my parents the first thing I made with it!

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!



Had this little guy prepped on canvas for awhile, so while my husband hogged my computer to do taxes, I thought I'd finish him up.
He originated from an attempted sketch of a skull. I have this habit of putting random jibberish next the sketches that happen to be there when I think of the non-word.

So here's Hoo--Hoo. He likes the water, especially when bubbles float past him. His favorite food is fried calamari, and of course, loves long walks on the beach. He loves to talk about his adventures, so hope you're a good listener!


IF: Red

As she laid in the field of paper poppies, her worries and cares drifted away with the clouds that passed her by.