We're back in VA!!! (Belated Wooot!!!)

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog for sometime. My husband and I have been transitioning back into the DC/NOVA metro area since early December from our unfortunate relocation to NC. Lucky for us, it's been pretty smooth. After we came back to VA, everyone we passed on the street said that "NC is for the retired." Now they tell us! We definitely appreciate the things we took for granted before we left, so in saying that, I'm glad that we took the chances that we did when we decided to move.

So now instead of sitting on my bum all day looking for a job in NC, I'm doing it in VA, with much better results! I honestly can't wait to start working again.. this whole temporary retirement thing has had me bummed out and stagnant... Posting something up on the blog has brightened my day though, so maybe I'll continue to do a little more of that! The sketch above is a snippit from my M2 spread 40 on my sketchdump blog. Cheers!!!