Massive M2 Sketch Dump!

I've been a busy bee, scanning in the remaining spreads from my M2 sketchbook and uploading them to my sketchblog!

I'll be putting up spreads from my latest sketchbook soon. I changed brands, and went with a Global Arts Hand•Book brand this time around, which definitely has more tooth, but for some reason reminds me of drawing on construction paper. I enjoyed drawing on the smoother surfaces of the Moleskines, and will be going back once I've completed this one.

The sketch above is from M2: spreadFortyTwo. It's a prelim. sketch for a "We've Moved" announcement. That's one of our kitties in the tree enjoying the view!


Happy Chinese New Year!!!

To bring in the new year, here's an illustration.
May much happiness, health, and prosperity come your way this year!