Sketch Blog Updates!!

I haven't shared too many details, but I've been MIA due to a big move to the Charlotte, NC area from the hectic DC metro area. It's been pretty crazy, but things are starting to settle down some since the big move. We have been wanting to move out the DC area for awhile, so when the opportunity came up for my husband, we took it! We did a lot of research, and had the chance to visit before moving. I have a friend who moved from this area up to DC, so he's been super helpful as far as finding good eats, and fun places. There's been ups and downs, not gonna lie, but I think things are starting to settle, yay!
It's been a tough job market for me down here, compared to the DC area. I think I'm doing everything a job hunter can do to find a job, so it's just a matter of time. (i hope) If you've read down this far, and know of anyone in the charlotte area looking for a Graphic/Web Designer, I'd love to chat!Now, the big news!!! I've updated my Sketch Blog with new spreads, so go check it out!!!