Illustration Friday: Rain

What a perfect topic of the week. The past weekend through the beginning of the week, we have had nothing but rain and thunderstorms... crazy thunderstorms... So I have two different posts for the amount of rainy days I had this week!

(1) After seeing larger than life rain drops from the 17th floor of my building. I wanted to go on a break so bad at the time, I said that we could make it safe and dry just be dodging them, since they were so big. That was a no-go... (sorry for the graph lines.)

(2) Waiting out the rain, and what better place to seek shelter than under a mushroom!


Illustration Friday: Dance

Stick figuring to the extreme! Wasn't planning on choosing this one, but because I was so desperate to make it on time this week for illustration friday, she came to life! I'm hoping, at a later date to make this more of a watercolor, since the colored pencil I used were watercolor one's! I'll make sure to post it if I do! Yay! I made it before friday!

I did a second figure, which was initially my first choice because of the strong poise, and not-all-there head. I hope I can create a neat story from this one soon! Here's a sketch of a sketch!


Sea Monkies: Week Two

They're growing super fast. You can see their multiple fins, and little tiny black eyeballs on some. So cute... I'm not sure how this little city is going to hold 75+ Sea Monkies, especially if they start reproducing in a few weeks... craziness...

You can kind of see them in the tank, although my camera couldn't focus in on them yet. ggrrr.

Illustration Friday: Jungle

"You're a jungle theme!"- Night at the Roxbury - This was the only phrase that went through my head each time I thought about this week's theme... I didn't have time but to sketch out a lame rendition of the world 'Jungle.'

Illustration Friday: Portrait

Another rough sketch of no one in particular.

Illustration Friday: Devils n' Angels

A little late, but wanted to post this up anyway.
Shows how some want to be percieved as perfect angels, but deep inside the rot, the devil lies.


Anguish Languish

Painfully uncomprehensible to read the first, even the second time. You're reading random words that make no sense being next to each other, not only making your eyes swell, but you can feel your brain become mush... and that's when it clicks!
For mind boggling, head splitting fun, sit back, relax, and read a few stories by Howard L. Chace. You can read my comment on how I finally made sense of it all!

Sea-Monkey In the City!

Today, at 2:22pm, I birthed roughly 75 little sea-monkey hatchlings!!! I just poured in the contents of the packet, and voila!!! Instant sea-monkeys! Actually, not that exciting yet... bunch of white stuff and black things that look like pepper flakes are kind of floating around the water, making it look a little cloudy. Which is normal, according to the instruction booklet. I suppose it teaches patience, and good things come to those who wait! Come on *tap*tap*tap... grow sea-monkies... GROW!
I think they'll like their world! It has tall shiney buildings, an intersection, a park, a fire hydrant, and cars! I thought it would be appropriate to have in my cube, since I do work in a semi-city.

3:32pm: I saw one little white speck floating around! He looked like he was having muscle spasms!! So cute! I see a bunch of them hatching (they double up and start to float!) Here's a photo of the one sea monkey speck... can you see him?!!!


mah Turtle done poo

A friend took a pic from his camera phone.. it's a little blurry, but I had to post it anyway.
I noticed the note when I first walked in my cube, and was confused for awhile, since I didn't know what boo-boo the turtle couldn't have done... well later on in the day, a colleague walks in, and in the middle of our conversation, I notice what the boo-boo was, and just could not control myself from laughing. It's still up on my file cabinet!