Sea-Monkey In the City!

Today, at 2:22pm, I birthed roughly 75 little sea-monkey hatchlings!!! I just poured in the contents of the packet, and voila!!! Instant sea-monkeys! Actually, not that exciting yet... bunch of white stuff and black things that look like pepper flakes are kind of floating around the water, making it look a little cloudy. Which is normal, according to the instruction booklet. I suppose it teaches patience, and good things come to those who wait! Come on *tap*tap*tap... grow sea-monkies... GROW!
I think they'll like their world! It has tall shiney buildings, an intersection, a park, a fire hydrant, and cars! I thought it would be appropriate to have in my cube, since I do work in a semi-city.

3:32pm: I saw one little white speck floating around! He looked like he was having muscle spasms!! So cute! I see a bunch of them hatching (they double up and start to float!) Here's a photo of the one sea monkey speck... can you see him?!!!

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