IF: Smitten

What a hard theme for this week. I kept wanting to do something a little different, but I couldn't think of anything. I stopped thinking about it for a few days, thinking I'd have to sit this one out until today at lunch a few ideas started to come out.


The Prison Break (in)

no, not the show... we made our own little break to the Lorton prison! It's been closed down for some time, and is being prepped to become a huge art center, and condos. Before they start all that, J.D. and I drove out there to hopefully get some great photographs for his parents who will be moving near the prison. We had a lot of fun exploring the spooky halls, and climbing the spiral stairs to the clock tower.
We wanted to "break in" to the prison to take photos of the actual prison cells, but they had it pretty well fenced off. boohoo. We came out alive, there weren't any convicts left behind in any of the abandoned rooms or holes in the walls.
We even came upon a footpath that lead to a bridge and creek. It was incredibly peaceful to be in a place where there wasn't anyone else around, and listen to the water run through the rocks, and listen to the wind through the trees... *sigh

I put the photos up on flickr if you'd like to take a peek!

Muh New Toaster!

It gets me from point a to point b, it's great on fuel, and it heats up a mean toast! I drive a toaster!The Scion XB; you can't get anymore toastier than that! I actually enjoy this car.. I guess I would have had too, or I wouldn't have bought it! It's unbelievably roomie inside and has a lot of neat features, and if I get bored, I can customize it to look a bit like this...

haha!!!.. I joke with J.D. all the time about Hello Kittying my car out!
but for now, I guess I'll have to drive it like this!


Strange things hide in trees. I've been watching too much Discovery Channel nature shows during my down time! I love trees with interesting bark, and I've been feeling evil lately, so watch out or you'll be in trouble! muwahahaha... It's so time for Halloween!


IF: Quiet

It's been awhile! I think I was burnt out from the pressure of sketching, creating and finishing up home projects, and was soooo relieved that we actually had a few weekends to relax. I'm starting back up again! I'm also in my interior decorating mood, and have started planning, laying out, measuring, etc... all the upstairs bedrooms, halls and bathrooms!! I'm a little slow on the uptake, so this weeks effort was a little weak, but I wanted to contribute to help get me motivated again.

She's enjoying a nice cup of cocoa in a big comfy chair in a quiet coffee shop, after a brisk walk in the bitter cold. yum.