HandBook Sketchbook: Spead 03

Part of this spread was done when J.D. and I went to Charlotte's NoDa's art district for a gallery crawl. It was really interesting, and fun to see all the different venues, activities, music, people, etc.. all in one small part of town.
J.D. blurted out 'Gothic Beats', and I drew a pair of Gothic Beets. They look a little more on the punk side, but a little refinement will take care of that.

I want to write more.. but I'm soooo tired from getting over a really bad sunburn, and fighting off a virus.. bleh..

Totoro Forest Project

Save Sayama Forest, also known as Totoro's Forest. The endangered Totoro's forest lies just on the outskirts of Tokyo, and is what inspired Hayao Miyazaki to create the loving character 'Totoro.'
In an effort to help save this forest, one of Japan's greatest animation directors, Hayao Miyazaki, established the national trust called "Totoro's Forest Foundation." To support the cause a group of Pixar artists organized the Totoro's Forest Project, which is an exhibition/auction event featuring 200 internationally acclaimed artist's in the field of animation, comic books, and illustration. Each artists work is up for auction where all proceeds go toward the fund. The fun part is seeing how they were inspired by the movie 'My Neighbor Totoro.' And let me tell you, the gallery of artwork really grasps the spirit that Hayao Miyazaki works so passionately to expose in all of his great work.

I urge you to take a peek, learn more about the cause these lucky and super talented artists worked so hard to contribute too and maybe participate in the auction.



HandBook Sketchbook: Spead 02

Not too much going on here... but a little princess doodle, and some faces. lerve tiki stuff, and that lamp is awesome. And who doesn't need a $10 pewter cracker to grace their plate.