What Season Am I?

You Are Fall!

Little diversion to my day! It's interesting to see how some code will predict your personality traits!


Illustration Friday - Robot

Wasn't completely satisfied with the composition of this one, so I played around a little more with the background. Still something missing, but it's not as busy as the previous one.

Bot thought he'd get through the night babysitting his next door neighbor's little girl, Liza. Little did he know that after numerous screaming tantrums, and persistant tackles to the lower region, he would admit defeat, and let Liza have her way. Poor little Bunny-Bot. *sigh
For some reason I had the hardest time with the composition of this one. I'm wondering if the window is causing a contrast problem. I was going to play around with the shape of the background, maybe make it round to bring this together. argh.


Illustration Friday: Spotted

This was done a few years ago, but thought it was appropriate for this weeks topic! I'm not really sure how to categorize him, since he almost has a folky type art about him, but than it's also an abstract, hhhmmm.

Here's the full view of the entire piece. Still needs some work and perfecting, but he's cool, I think I'll keep 'im.

Happy Easter!

I had to try this out. An IlloFriday participant,Erin Pryor Gill had a cool tutorial for how to make these eggs. Mine didn't turn out as spectacular as hers, but it was a lot of fun to do as it's been since I was a wee little tott that I've decorated eggs. I made a whole bunch of them, but didn't have a chance to take photos; these were the only two left!


Illustration Friday: Speed

I love horses; they were actually one of the first things I obsessively drew as a kid, besides fantasizing about being a fashion designer, as most girls probably do in their tweens! It's been awhile since I've drawn a horse, and it's probably obvious! I had fun though!

A funny horse story. This past summer, someone on craigslist was giving away, for free, a huge 6-800 lb xiang (sp?) dynasty clay soldier horse.. FOR FREE!!! So I called the lady, called my friends, desperatly trying to find body's and a truck big enough for this thing... Sadly, I had to give up. I figured it would be easier to get a real live horse into our backyard than to try and lift this thing. That would have been awesome though.. *sigh*


Afro Hope

Sidetrack from a major brainstorm about creating a positive ad campaign.... didn't realize how difficult it was, especially with the subject matter I have to create it for... argh... I've got a few good ideas... what a challenge.

Afro man started out as a pair of eyes and a brow. I wondered what it would look like if I created his face out of shapes, and this is what happened! The Hope poster, was created after Afro man, as the continuation of my brainstorming!


The Rude Easter Bunny

So J.D. and I went to Kmart yesterday to get some garden equipment. We walked in and noticed that they had an easter bunny to entertain the kids. We giggled and continued to walk into the store. We heard an employee say something jokingly to the Easter Bunny... at which we heard a very loud "SHUUT UUUPP!!!!" We were laughing so hard to find that it was the easter bunny that had said that...


Illustration Friday: Spring

I don't have anything to really say, 'cept, yay it's starting to warm up! Kind of. Mother Nature keeps teasing us, and it's driving me crazy... make up your mind... (i'm not angry I swear!!) Here's my little guy for Spring. I wish I could put more time into him, since I'm not entirely satisfied with the colors. I feel like something's missing... Perhaps you could help me out by offering a different perspective!?

Thanks for looking!