Illustration Friday: Spring

I don't have anything to really say, 'cept, yay it's starting to warm up! Kind of. Mother Nature keeps teasing us, and it's driving me crazy... make up your mind... (i'm not angry I swear!!) Here's my little guy for Spring. I wish I could put more time into him, since I'm not entirely satisfied with the colors. I feel like something's missing... Perhaps you could help me out by offering a different perspective!?

Thanks for looking!


scribblesk said...

I like the quality to this drawing - the simplicity and the curlicue motif.

Sioux said...

Lady bird, lady bird, fly away home. He is precious! But did you know they bite? We were bitten by ladybugs last summer!!

loves_art said...

wow i like your pictures, they are incredibly beautiful and you are obviously quite talented! well done and thankyou for the compliment on my trees!

stp-illustrations said...

It´s very nice! I like your style!!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog!

MiJa said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments! I had no idea these little guys bit people.. and here I am thinking they were peaceful little critters... You must be super sweet for these guys to bite you!