Illustration Friday: Monster

Hope you all like him. His name is George and he's extremely friendly. Loves going to BBQ's and picnics. Surprisingly loves potato salad with a passion. George is a wonderful listener and will be your best friend any day!

Really wanted to do a really scary intricate, detailed rendering of a monster, but ran out of time. Credit for this idea has to go to my husband, J.D. We couldn't get to sleep right away, so we layed there thinking of names by combining vegetable and animal names, and this was the one name that stuck in my head the following day. (well the name isn't new to the world, but it was to us! I just did a google check on the name.)

I bought my first moleskine notebook yesterday! It's the "Large" Squared Notebook, which is 13x21cm big. Caved in a like a sink-hole and bought it before I finished my current sketchbook. The Pickle-Potomus was the first drawing I put it in, sorry for the grid lines! It makes me giggle when I look at it! : ) I'm also justifying the purchase of the moleskin by the fact that it's more portable than the other sketchbook!!! I read the legendary history of the notebook, and was bombarded by word of mouth advertisement from other designers and was hooked. I'd like to get the storyboard notebook next, hopefully I can make it through the one I just got before my Impulsive disorder kicks in!


Marie-Dom said...

I like Pickle-Potomus. I like the grid lines that have appeared on him. They disappear don't they once he's had a serving of potato salad, and reappear when he needs another dose.
Question: The colour is very smooth. Would the colour have been applied digitally or is it on the moleskin itself? If so, what did you use?MD

MiJa said...

Hi Marie-dom,

Thanks for all the great compliments!
LOL! I love the idea about the gridlines being a sign of satisfaction!
I sketched out George in my notebook, and brought him into photoshop, where I deleted his surroundings, and added a digital (super simple) background.

scott said...

I think you should have JD tattoo the pickle potomus on his chest.:P