New ID Concept

Just got my CS3 Design Premium, and am sooo loving it... and it's soooo fast on my new super fast computer (compared to my old frankenstein), that I actually had the motivation to create some concepts for a new ID!!! Here's what I came up with first...

this didn't quite work out the way I had anticipated, but it helped get the juices flowing...

Here's concept numbah two that I took a bit further. This, I felt, had a simple, sophisticated, yet dark, and playful feel to it that I thought represented me a little more than the all out bubbliness of the first concept. I'm also liking the Raspberry and dark gray combo.

ID Concept with black background behind lettering:

ID Concept with 90%Gray background behind lettering: (can you soooo see these as little MOO Stickers!!!)

Business Card Concept:

Would lerve some feedback from you!


painting: Owl Eyes On You

felt the urge to paint, and a sketch of owl eyes had been haunting me for some time. I really like how it turned out. I made it such a process, which is something I don't normally do, since I like to get things done in one sitting, but it felt good to see what came of my patience!

He's a cutie, and makes me smile when I see him starin back at me.. although it can be a little creepie at times to know you're being watched, no less, by detached owl eyes.. yoiks.. He's been begging me to make some prints of him, and maybe put him on some stationary. What do you think? Should I listen to him?!!! You'll have to suggest some name's for "him" since he doesn't have one yet.

Hoot Hoot Hooray.. :D