Hello, Kitty!!!

ok.. I'm the biggest kidult EVER.. my friend sent me this link today, and I just about booked a flight to Japan, just so I could use this phone... The phone has been Hello Kittied out.. inside, outside, even sideways, and the graphics are neato.
Check it... :D


artdc.org Exhibition at U Street Space

This sounds like it'll be a fun show!!! I can't make it, since I'm quite a few hours away, but hope those in the area will show their support for the arts! Check out the artists at artdc.org
WASHINGTON, D.C.—artdc.org, a Washington, D.C., artist’s forum, presents “Art in Transition Continued” on Saturday, October 13, 2007, in the future Greater Goods building, 1626 U Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. Doors open at noon; an art party is 6 p.m. to midnight.

“Art in Transition Continued” is the continuance of a group art show held in 2005. For the first show, “Art in Transition,” 27 Washington, D.C.-area artists displayed their work in four transitioning commercial spaces in Silver Spring, Md.

This year’s show is in the future home of Greater Goods at 1626 U Street, NW. This “empty” building provides the perfect opportunity for an organization such as artdc to host its own art show. Jesse Cohen, founder of artdc.org, explains, “Transitional space provides an opportunity to develop grassroots art shows, which currently aren’t available through existing spaces.”

The participating artists are: Steve Mead, Antoinette Wysocki, Jodi A. Patterson, John N. Grunwell, Dan Rosenstein, Alexandra Zealand, Alexandra Silverthorne, Kim Reyes, Emily Berl, Christie Ortiz, Rhett Rebold, Raju Singh, Steve Loya, Stephen T. Hanks, Matthew Best, Graham Meyer and Adam Eig.

“A unique feature about this show, aside from the great art,” Cohen says, “is that the artwork was selected by an external jury member who does not have ties to artdc.org artists.”

Mark S. Waskow, art collector and founder of the Waskomium in Burlington, Vt., is the juror for “Art in Transition Continued.” The Waskomium is a collection of contemporary art.
Waskow selected the work of 17 artdc.org members (there are more than 1,500 members of artdc.org). Pieces include 2-D, 3-D and installation art.

“He (Waskow) juried the art from artdc.org’s online gallery,” Cohen says of the selection process, “based on the idea that you can experience the presence of a work of art through its image.”

A fellow artdc.org member recommended that Waskow jury “Art in Transition Continued” because of Waskow’s support for the development of art communities.

Through events like “Art in Transition Continued,” artdc.org initiates artist discovery, encourages art discussion, advances creative development and promotes art collection, with the goal of developing movements in Washington, D.C. artdc.org provides virtual real estate for artists and art organizations. artdc.org aims to bridge the communication between artists of all mediums, galleries and collectors. With this goal in mind, the aim of artdc.org is to develop face-to-face relationships in addition to those in the virtual world.


Meomi has a new book out!!! The Octonauts and The Sea of Shade!!!

Meomi, an awesome design team that is all about the cuteness, has come out with book TWO!!! The illustrations and characters grab your heart and won't let go as soon as you first glance at them. It's like a stare down, and they're going to win no matter how hard you try to put on your mean face!

blurb from site:
"THE OCTONAUTS are a crew of cute critters who love to explore the big blue ocean. From their undersea "Octopod" base, the eight talented animals are always ready for fun and excitement. In their second adventure, all the shadows in the world have gone missing! The Octonauts must travel to the mysterious Sea of Shade to learn why. Can the Octonauts convince the great Shade King to return everyone's shadows?"

And here's a sneak peek spread from their new book.

tooooo freakin cute!!! Go check out their sites too!!!