Illustration Friday: Monster

Hope you all like him. His name is George and he's extremely friendly. Loves going to BBQ's and picnics. Surprisingly loves potato salad with a passion. George is a wonderful listener and will be your best friend any day!

Really wanted to do a really scary intricate, detailed rendering of a monster, but ran out of time. Credit for this idea has to go to my husband, J.D. We couldn't get to sleep right away, so we layed there thinking of names by combining vegetable and animal names, and this was the one name that stuck in my head the following day. (well the name isn't new to the world, but it was to us! I just did a google check on the name.)

I bought my first moleskine notebook yesterday! It's the "Large" Squared Notebook, which is 13x21cm big. Caved in a like a sink-hole and bought it before I finished my current sketchbook. The Pickle-Potomus was the first drawing I put it in, sorry for the grid lines! It makes me giggle when I look at it! : ) I'm also justifying the purchase of the moleskin by the fact that it's more portable than the other sketchbook!!! I read the legendary history of the notebook, and was bombarded by word of mouth advertisement from other designers and was hooked. I'd like to get the storyboard notebook next, hopefully I can make it through the one I just got before my Impulsive disorder kicks in!


Illustration Friday: Feet

Plant your feet on the ground! I just made that up... ha honestly not really sure what I was really thinking when doing this one.

Oblong Boy Steps in Gum. I have to admit these drawings were done in one evening, when I had the time to focus... on nothing in particular but feet.

experimenting with perspective angles.


Beaty's Only Skin Deep

Let the imagination and pencil fly after I was done with the feet, and this is what happened. For some reason I fell in love with the 'dead' expression of the face, and it made me think of the pressures we put on beauty. I'm hoping to grow old gracefully, but if my face starts to resemble a turkey, I may feel inclined to defy gravity.


illustration Friday: Dragon Claw Tea

Inspired by a conversation with a colleague the other day. She has been looking almost everywhere for this wonderful tea, that's loose, and shaped like a pearl. It makes her happy! The tea, that is. Gotta wonder what's really in that tea! Well, couldn't get to sleep the other night, and this is what came of it! Definitely something I'd like to eventually color in. Wanted to get something up before Friday, since I haven't been that great with posting up my sketches. I'm still getting used to blogging, I suppose. Anyway, comments are always welcome! I hope you enjoy!