IF: Quiet

It's been awhile! I think I was burnt out from the pressure of sketching, creating and finishing up home projects, and was soooo relieved that we actually had a few weekends to relax. I'm starting back up again! I'm also in my interior decorating mood, and have started planning, laying out, measuring, etc... all the upstairs bedrooms, halls and bathrooms!! I'm a little slow on the uptake, so this weeks effort was a little weak, but I wanted to contribute to help get me motivated again.

She's enjoying a nice cup of cocoa in a big comfy chair in a quiet coffee shop, after a brisk walk in the bitter cold. yum.


Michelle Lana said...

a sweet illo, michelle! great work. love the outfit she's wearing!

michael dailey said...

thats a great lookin chair and she looks content to sit there all day enjoying her hot cocoa.

dex mission said...

nothing wrong w/ a small break... and nothing better than getting back on the horse again :)