:::UPDATE::: I've been told that Booples already exist :( so sad.. mine are cuter!! So they can no longer be called Booples... Any name ideas???

I'm couldn't think of anything else to call them, so Booples seemed fitting. I'm thinking of painting these guys on three pretty decent sized panels. Most likely will use acrylics, since I'm ok with them. Any thoughts and ideas?

moleskine sketch page


Anonymous said...

Booples already exist as something else. See Booples.com.

Michelle Lana said...

thanks Michelle! glad to see you back! take care..

ELiza J├Ąppinen said...

My suggestion is mishcips or mushbops, instead of booples... Thanks for the comment on my blog, I like also the thing lurking behind trees.. Cute stuff.

Dat Nguyen said...

mmmm... cute! Especially the last one. Things are always cuter upside down. I'd love to see a painting of this.