anticipation is killin me...

well, first, my thoughtful parents got me a wacom intuos tablet for xmas this year.. unfortunately they had to return it to exchange it for a smaller one. So I've been waiting oh so patiently for that to arrive, so I can start playing around with it!!! Come on Mister Postman!!!

Secondly, I went out to Plaza Artist, and bought a new moleskine sketchbook. I've almost completed my first moleskine, (a large graph lined notebook), which has been a wonderful starter. It's also the first sketchbook I'll ever be completing, front to back, so this is a very exciting accomplishment for me! (it doesn't take much!)
This time I got the large sketchbook moleskine with plain thicker pages, so ink (hopefully) won't bleed thru. I'm dying to take it out of it's plastic sheeting, and open it.. feel the pages, take out all of my pens, pencil and markers and start experimenting with what works on its surface and what doesn't. oooh.. I'm sooo anxious to open it..

By the way.. I've updated my sketch dump blog if you were interested!


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