Home Project

We've repainted our upstairs guest bathroom all white, and it looks sooooo much better than it used too. There was a country blue floral border along the top, and the wall color was an off-white, brown, cream grossness. I wanted to puke every time I passed it. Well, since we were expecting guests to stay with us for awhile, we decided that now was the time to give it a bit of a face-lift. We took out the shiny brass sliding doors to the bathtub that had crackly glass and a delightful stenciling of flowers. blech.. Than we took out the 80's studio vanity lights, and the country bumpkin vanity mirror off the wall, and replaced it with what you see now. And we couldn't feel more refreshed with it.

In all the excitement, I painted a simple painting to put above the toilet. I'm still working on the small shelf that will be put below the painting to hold some small baskets of stuff.
Thought I'd share, since J.D. worked so hard to put it all together!

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