Our Backyard!

It's amazing when something I plant actually blooms, and continues to live. I think I love the idea of planting things, and anticipating them growing, being beautiful and providing plenty. The thought of actually caring for them seems to slip my mind when I have other projects or things going on in my life, and so some of the plants I've grown have a short life span!

J.D. and I take pride in the home that we are so lucky to have. A lot of thought goes into the landscape, and I won't even go into the interior yet! We moved in a little over a year ago, so any accomplishment we make is a happy moment!

So here are a few happy moments!

Purdy Dahlias

We watched a hornet (that thing is huge) wrestle a dead cicada. I wonder if it was trying to fly away with it. It eventually gave up and flew off. (and later tried to carry my husband off to its nest!)

And our Pool!

More of a funny/wierd moment than a happy one. In early spring our dryer decided to call it quits, so we were going to put it out with the trash. But before that could happen, J.D. wanted to see the inner workings of a dryer, and tore it apart. When he got to the dryer drum, he thought it'd be cool to use that as a fire pit, and kept it. So the fins came off and hundreds of different sized balls fell out and rolled like marbles every which way across the garage floor. It was the most bizarre thing.

All these years of tumbling clothes, when we could have been in the business of manufacturing lint balls...


ennius said...

nice house! i'm crashing the pool next summer.

Gerald said...

That's a creepy close up of that hornet. But I like the details your camera was able to capture. Reminds me of Mothra in those old Godzilla films :)