Great Falls; Virginia Side

August 19, Saturday (last week) J.D. and I thought it'd be fun to take a break from being cooped up in our house all the time. I had never gone to Great Falls, and it was close by, so we packed up our camera and a few snacks and we were on our way! yay! I wanted to try and document the day, so I took photos of everything, even silly things like the highway signs we exited onto. Of course I missed the most important one, so I didn't post that part!!! der. We had a lot of! We ended up veering off the path and made our own path through all the rocks! We haven't hiked in awhile and the mid-day sun was out, so by the end of our hike I felt like poop. But I'd do it again, just with more water next time! So tempted to jump into the water and let the current take us away! If you've never been, it's a nice place to go! Lots of picnic and bbq areas.

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