Our Home

Kind of a brag spread! Friends and Family have been asking for photos of our home. We've done a lot to this place since we've moved in, from painting every room on the main floor, and landscaping the back yard!

Instead of having a formal living room, we put in a theatre. The seats were bought off of ebay from a real theatre, I think from Maine.

The kitchen has gone through a major transformation! We sanded and painted the oak cabinets white and create a glass panel effect on a few of the doors! New slate tile floors and corian countertop. We added the moulding after we painted the walls.

The "Pub" area is the eat-in kitchen section. J.D. found these booth seats from a restaurant in D.C. They were a little dingy, tore off the fabric and foam, customized them a bit to fit in the space, and I refoamed and reappolstered them. The table was a $20 find from an estate sale! love that! He stripped it, sanded and applied a rich dark stain, that turned out really well! One corner that leads to the garage has been painted with chalkboard paint. I think that has to be the most interactive corner of our home! (And lots of fun at party's!)

In the dining room, I was trying to go for an outdoor seating area somewhere in France. It's still trying to get there! Maybe this fall/winter I'll be motivated to finish it up.

It's nice when our plans come together and look good for two people that don't have a clue about what they're doing! A lot of the things we do have very minimal planning. Which leads to a lot of trying and being displeased and trying again. We're pretty pleased and excited about our latest installment, the Great Wall! It keeps the upper yard looking level and finished off, and we have a decent pathway from the deck to the side. It was J.D.'s last minute thinking to add the firepit to the end. Seriously cannot wait for cooler weather to roast some marshmallows now.

The pool is awesome! J.D. works so hard to keep it looking as refreshing as it does! We're lucky to have neighbors with pools, who have been more than helpful, in understanding how to keep it maintained. Of course there have been days where we would love to just fill it in with dirt, but when it gets hot, or when we just want to relax and do nothing one weekend, it nice to just for a dip in the pool!

So that's all! This fall/winter, we'll hopefully get the upper floor done, so we can have more pics to show!


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Michelle Lana said...

awesome house, michelle! very, very nice!
and i see that you put the michelle linderer touch in there.. great - really great house! congrats again!