eeeg... I've been tagged!!!

I've been tagged by a very talented artist, and old friend, Michelle Lana! Yay!

Okay. Rules of the game: List 5 favorite Christmas Songs that you can think of and then tag 5 other people and see what they come up with.

Let's see.. 5 favorite Christmas Songs;
  1. Old Toy Trains - my favorite song that I've only heard a few times growing up, but sing it to myself every year, the forester sisters version!
  2. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
  3. Driedel, driedel, driedel - The South Park version :)
  4. Jingle Bells - Bare Naked Lady's version
  5. Winter Wonderland


Anonymous said...

Great one, Michelle! Thanks for playing!!!

MrsB said...

I was tagged too! Five just isn't enough when it comes to Christmas songs, like yours too! Hope you're having a better day : )