What a Saturday!

J.D. and I had a lot of things going on today! Had to drop my car off at the dealer for maintenance. Come home and clean the crap out of our place so our dinner company don't think we live in a heap of dust bunnies... (by the way, I found a third cat we didn't know we had while sweeping the house. yikes.) The car got done in the mid afternoon, so J.D. and I started finishing up around the house, and headed back to the dealership. All went well, and was following J.D. back. We came up on this intersection and noticed a car pulling towards the middle to make a left hand turn. J.D. was a good ways in front of my car, and since we had the green light, we kept going at the same speed, which was around 35-45mph. The car had slowed down, as if to wait, but then proceeded to drive and practically stopped (I'm thinking in fear,) right in our lane, which was the far right lane of two lanes. J.D. laid on the horn, swerved to the left to try and avoid them, but than I heard a crunch sound, at which point, I screamed, and laid on my breaks. I couldn't believe what just happened. I looked at J.D. to see if he was alright; he was already getting out of his car, looked quickly at his front driver side bumper where the turn signal light had popped out, and quickly walked over to the other car and asked if they were alright. They were an older couple. A man who was in the passenger seat, seemed to be shaken up. His door was pretty well damaged, and had a hard time opening it. J.D. helped him get out. After which he walked over to the passenger side of his car to inspect the damage. Not even a minute after the incident, a cop had stopped, and than another... and than 5 others. Apparently they were on their way to the station for a shift change, (stations two seconds down the road.) when they came upon us. The whole exchange of information lasted about 30-45 minutes. The whole time, the lady at fault never once asked my husband if he was ok, or apologized. Which seemed kind of wierd. This is what his car looks like...

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