Illustration Friday: Opposite

Opposites attract, and that's true with J.D. and I. We share a lot in common, but in general we're definetly opposite of each other. He's an extrovert, who is very outgoing, enjoys being around and talking to people. I on the other hand, am totally content with being alone to work on an art project. I enjoy company from time to time, if I overdose, I go into a veggie like state.. drool... the whole bit.. it's not pretty.
I love J.D.!!! He brings sooo much into our lives.

Didn't think I was going to make it this week with an illustration, but I had last minute inspiration last night, and was able to color it in tonight! YAY! I need to work on making my illo's a little bigger so I can use bigger markers and bring more detail... Not to mention some of the compositioning of objects to each other.. yikes... the more I look the more I want to do this one over. Can I blame the shaky camera?? I'm open to suggestions! oh.. I also drew this on velum, which is really really nice to work on.

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mitchlana.com said...

HEY!!!! OH MY....
It's nice to hear from you again.
Where have you been? It's great that you're a part
of IF too! Please keep in touch. and of course, as always,
your work is great. I still remember our art days in Mason :) Keep in touch Michelle...Great work!