slowly makin my way back!

I have a little more time on my hands (finally!)
I've started uploading a few moleskine spreads on my Doodle Monkey Dump blog, if you want to check those out.
I hope to keep uploading a spread/day until I can catch up with the current spreads.

I also hope to share with you some concepts I have for my portfolio site, portfolio booklet, and card, if anything it'll help me see my progress, and hopefully some feedback from you! I've been taking some time to do some research and getting some resources together to do this! I'm kinda excited about the design, and think it will reflect me as a designer, and on a personal level as well. :D (i'm screaming like a school girl inside! ieeee!!!)

Ok.. i can't contain myself.. here's a sneak peak! This is a concept for the portfolio booklet.

The 'M' and the banner are common theme elements I plan on using on all media. I'm not sure if the booklet will be square or more rectangular, since it depends on how I lay out the inside.

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