Illustration Friday: Safe

We had an eventful Labor Day weekend. Our poor little Jado potato suddenly became sick, and wouldn't eat or drink, so we took her to the emergency pet hospital, where she stayed for two nights. She was abso-toot-ly awesome when we took her there and back. She stayed in J.D.'s arms the entire time, and would tuck her little nose into the elbow crack whenever she was uncomfortable.

She's feeling alot better than she had, but we're keeping a good eye on her. She had a bunch of wierd things happening. Something looked like it was stuck in her small intestine, she was constipated, had a urinary tract infection, and had high toxin levels in her kidney and liver. On top of that she scraped her mouth and has what looks like a blackhead on her lip. Poor Jado :( We have to give her medication twice a day, which a pure pain because it requires both J.D. and I, one to hold her body, and one to open her mouth and squirt the medication down her throat.. ugh..

Moleskine sketchbook page

Anyway, thought I'd post photos of our kitties. They look alike because their sisters.

Say Hi to Jade! She's posing with her favorite toy, a fuzzy little hedgehog stuffed with catnip, yum!
And Hi to Maya! Our little princess.

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Michelle Lana said...

very nice "Safe" illo, Michelle...
Hope you're doing well...
take care -