Illustration Friday: Under the Sea

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michael dailey said...

love the gold fishes in the mask lol priceless . nice illo and yep them desert weekends sure can sizzle in the summer

Linda said...

So funny, you should market those!

Rrramone said...

Is that painted on a bathroom wall? Kind of looks like it. Great idea. :-)

MiJa said...

Michael: Thanks so much for the compliment! I wish I could have saved those priceless goldfish, but they disolved before the day was over..

Linda: Thanks a bunch! I can see that! It would be like the bathroom products Target sells where the fishes and frogs float on top of the colored liquid!
Drive your family and coworkers crazy! Wear your own personal fish tank! I'd do it!

RRRamone: Thank You!!! this was drawn in a sketch book with grids, and I was too lazy to outline it in illustrator, and than color it in using photoshop!

Thanks again everyone for your compliments and ideas!!