Illustration Friday: Cake

Wedding Cake Monkeys

Our wedding cake topper was a little unique, although the idea isn't new. J.D. and I nicknamed each other 'Monkey' which sounds wierd when we call each other from across the grocery store! I decided to use that in part of the wedding details, and created this monkey sculpture of 'us' for the top of our wedding cake. We'll be married four years in July! Yay, we made it!

I had to add a little decor around them, to make it feel more festive. I liked how it turned out!



juliemc said...

Great idea!

paula said...

I LOVE this! Shared it with my husband as he's fond of monkeys. And how funny, the thought of the two of you calling each other 'monkey' out in public. Had me laughing!

jancko said...


Amy Zaleski said...

I love the idea of a custom non-human cake topper. It shows you both have a great sense of humor!